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Training Log: Mess Engineer

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering - Street 1 46:20 4.35(10:39) 7.0(6:37)
  Gym Mayfield - Partner Weight Training1 35:00
  Gardening - Mowing1 30:00
  Total3 1:51:20 4.35 7.0

Wednesday Oct 26 #

9 AM


Day off work.
Real Estate photos 9 am.
Real Estate 3D imaging of house rooms 11:45 am
Council Pool Inspection (failed!) at 2 pm.
Visit to Conveyancers to sign papers at 3 pm.
Trip to Bunnings for supplies to fix up pool fence 3:30 pm
5 PM

Orienteering - Street 46:20 [3] 7.0 km (6:37 / km)

Distance a guess as iPhone GPS refusing to work for some unknown reason and therefore also MapmyRun wouldn't work either.
Had to use phone stop watch timer counting down from 45:00 as I wasn't wearing a watch either.
This wasn't as user friendly as normally I have it announce every 5 minutes, and tell me my total and split distances run, so I get a constant time reminder ... and MapmyRun keeps the iPhone from going to standby.
So instead I had to keep looking at the screen and swiping my finger across it for it to stay active!

Route 1G 3C 1D 3B 2B1C 1B 3A 1A 1H 2C 3D 2D 2E 3G 2H 1E 1J 3E 2J

46:20 and 7.0 km for 20 Controls / 38 Points (1 Point x 8, 2 Point x 6, 3 Point x 6) so -2 to bring total to 36 Points.

I have never run on this map for a Street-O before. More hilly that I expected (although I remember from the Park-O I set here) and I overestimated how many I could link up so had to abandon plans for 2G-1K or 3H-1L.

I knew I was going to be late from 2D onwards and was very sure at 3G with about 13 minutes to get back! Wasted at least 30 seconds at 1J trying to find the cut through path - I went to the north side of 1J rather than the south side and there was a clear block and a gap in the fence - but running down the gap I found it was blocked further on. Elected to add on 3E after 1J to put some extra points in to burn off to make up for the expected time loss.

Tuesday Oct 25 #

5 PM


Real Estate inspection of house pre-photos to recommend any other tidy up and improvements I could do

Monday Oct 24 #

7 AM


Signed up with a Real Estate agent today to sell Wallalong.

After 6 years out here, the last 3 as a single, I am arranging an orderly retreat to pass the baton onto someone else that can make use of the large house (I barely use 1/3 of it), shed and yard for their family and to have the time to devote to its upkeep. I simply no longer enjoy all the physical effort and nature keeps winning restoring the yard back to its stick ridden leaf blown state.

Real Estate agent will come tomorrow afternoon for inspection to tell me all the other jobs I need to do (on top of everything done almost every day over the last 3 weeks!)

Photographer will come Wednesday.

Council coming to inspect the pool fence Wednesday afternoon .... I assume they are going to make me cut down all the pencil pines the prior owner planted along the back of the pool fence as apparently you can't have trees or hedges within 1 m of a pool fence.

House and yard looking in best presentation it has in over 5 years.
Hopefully it won't take 9 months to sell like others in the neighbourhood (both the two downhill neighbouring blocks with similar sized 6 1/2 acre blocks and houses took this long to sell - so I am dreading this potential outcome but will have to generate contingency plans for this).

Aim for first potential buyer inspections Saturday November 5th.
12 PM

Gym Mayfield - Partner Weight Training 35:00 [3]

Sunday Oct 23 #

6 AM


House and Yard Cleanup Day 2

Spent 2 hours solo high pressure cleaning all the pavers around the pool.
Looked worse afterwards due to all the mud and water.
Waited for it to dry and swept later in day.

Spent 1/2 hr solo high pressure cleaning pool areas again but that was as much as body could take prior to hot shower.

Brother and his wife & child came to help today from about 9 am to 2 pm.

Activities included (between the 3 of us)
1. Cleaned all front windows, flyscreens and replaced 2 flyscreens
2. Cleaned both main bathroom and ensuite
3. Finishing had wiping down all the eaves around the perimeter of house
4. Whippersnipped garden bed that had 1/2 metre high native grass that brother thought looked like a neglected patch. Whippersnipped front spoon drains to give a good impression when Real Estate agent shows up Tuesday.
5. Raked up all leaves and twigs from the garden bed in pool area.
6. After trip to Bunnings climbed up on roof and washed, sanded and painted all the decorative woodwork in the gables as paint was peeling off and attracted the eye. $50 1 litre can of paint where I used less than 100 ml of it. But I was very surprised how much better it looked afterwards.
2 PM

Gardening - Mowing (#61 46.1 hrs - 46.5 hrs) 30:00 [1]

I had not mowed in over 3 weeks.
Front yard starting to look untidy and normally would have left it for another week or more but Real Estate photographer turning up Wednesday morning so have to get it looking presentable.

Saturday Oct 22 #

6 AM


House and Yard Cleanup Day 1

Brother came to help today from about 8:30 am to 3 pm.

Activities included (between the 2 of us)
1. Cleaning all rear windows and garage/laundry side, flyscreens and replaced 3 flyscreens
2. Wiping down every single railing on the pool fence to change it from slime green back to the original black!
3. Trips to and pool shop and back to treat pool with chlorine shock, acid and sunblock to try and get it remaining looking pristine for sale.
4. Wiped down all outdoor furniture to remove cobwebs and bird poo.
5. Took the back screen door off the roller track to get to all the huge mass of cobwebs inside and out.
6. Hand wiping down the underside of eaves around 2/3 perimeter of house (after vacuuming up all cobwebs).
7. Sweeping and vacuuming all concrete on front porch and rear verandah.
8. Knocking off every mudwasp nest and then wiping off the remaining mud off the brickwork.
9. Vacuuming up this weeks leaves and debris in pool.

As this house is 28 metres long - everything takes ages.

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