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Training Log: GD44

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking3 8:12:04 13.09(1.6/h) 21.06(2.6/h) 790
  MTB1 2:59:15 26.26(8.8/h) 42.27(14.1/h) 1255
  Total4 11:11:19 39.35(17:04) 63.33(10:36) 2045

Saturday Apr 20 #

12 PM

Walking 3:07:49 [3] 6.38 km (2.0 kph) +56m

Friday Apr 19 #

11 AM

Walking 3:22:28 [3] 7.93 km (2.4 kph) +496m

Thursday Apr 18 #

2 PM

Walking 1:41:47 [3] 6.75 km (4.0 kph) +238m

Sunday Apr 14 #

11 AM

MTB race (MBO) 2:59:15 intensity: (1:12:17 @1) + (16:39 @2) + (26:52 @3) + (17:44 @4) + (45:43 @5) 42.27 km (14.1 kph) +1255m

BMBO Event 4 - Wentwood

Planner: Ian Kennet
Format: Small Area Format (SAF)
Time limit: 3hrs

Assumed FTP 260W

1Active Recovery00:16:1400:16:149.1%1143
 Sweet Spot00:11:16 6.3%229247
5VO2 Max00:20:5900:45:4311.7%276315
 Anaerobic00:24:44 13.8%3153000

Very bad day at the office! One to forget. No HR log.

Decided to do reds first but in anti-clockwise direction which is opposite to most other people.

S>3:A 70 year old was faster than me to the first CP. I got totally disorientated in the woods leading up to it due to the number of tracks on the ground and me thinking that the ground and surroundings (e.g. forest/field boundaries) not matching. I took 18:49 and Mike Wimpenny took 13:36. I lost over 10 minutes.
3>21: No problem.
21>13: Lost 40s as I flew past the CP and had to double back.
13>15: Lost 4 mins. The map showed a road next to the Wentwood Reservoir dam that didn't exist!
15>11: OK
11>17: OK
17>23: TWO MAJOR COCK UPS. A) I went back to CP11! I didn't realise I'd done this until I reviewed the following day. I lost 6.5mins due to this. B) Lost 5 minutes as the track junction from the gravel road was hidden by big logs. I went down another and had to come back round from the opposite direction.
23>19: OK albeit a little cagey.
19>7: After collecting CP19 at 1:23, I diddly daddled for several minutes deciding on whether or not to switch to blues. I lost 4 minutes and decided to carry on to get two more red CPs before turning back. My decision to carry on was right as otherwise I would have finished early with 15 less points (if collected all blues). Lost 1min turning down the wrong track and then lost another 1minute by overshooting CP#9.
7>9: OK

Switch to blues

9>18: OK
18>4: OK
@#4 I decided to drop the furthest blue (22) to the west as it was too committing. However it was a 30 pointer!
4>16: To trig. OK
16>20: Learnt my lesson from nearby red 23 so easy to navigate. Ifor was fastest with 5:00, I was third fastest with 5:34.
20>14: OK
14>12: Lost 2 mins as I started going on a non-ideal route option then realised my error.
12>24: OK
24>8: Lost 3 minutes as I went down a wrong track and didn't realise until I checked my compass.
8>10: OK
10>6: OK
6>F: OK. Managed to get back with less than a minute to spare.

Total time lost = 37 minutes. COULD THIS BE MY WORST EVER RACE? The piss up on Friday probably had more of an effect that I thought.

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