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Race Evaluation

Harrismith O-ringen: Day 1 Brown


1. Finished the master maps in 3 min. Went around on the paths to play it safe given it was the first control.
2. Flat out run. Went left of the thicket so as to approach the reentrant from the bottom. Turned out to be the better option.
3. +03:30Map error here. The control was a lot closer (100m instead of 300) from the bath bend which was my attack point. I think it's the path that has changed in the last 10 years, and not the embankment that's in the wrong place.
4. +00:15Went a bit too far right to start with, was heading for the nearby chalet before I corrected. Otherwise straight in.
5. Left the path system early, taking a tiger line from the first path bend to the chalet and in from that side. Worked out perfectly.
6. Took a slightly right line of centre. Was aiming off on the dams lower on the slope, but saw the control by suprise early. I was still expecting to go another 20m or so.
7. Pushed the leg hard and found a nice game track leading from the saddle in the perfect direction for #7.
8. Returned via the game track to the saddle and the ran road all the way to #8, attacking it from the open ground on the right. Pushed hard.
9. Tiger line on a bearing. Saw significant tree from a short distance off - spot on.
10. +00:10Ran road, but probably left it for the boulder a few metres too late. Could have gone straighter.
11. Crossed the first bushy section slightly left of the connection line... just picking up game tracks through the bush. Then straight down path to chalets and control.
12. Straight line.
13. Straight line once again. Could have pushed harder, but used the leg to study the intracate section coming up.
14. +00:30Only 1 route choice... the road. Searched for the control too low and too far... had an inkling I was low / far, but finished double checking before heading up higher on the slope.
15. Straight in... ran leg well.
16. Straight line, ran hard, trying to pick up some mega features to navigate on.
17. Left of cliff, no problems.
18. Straight line again. Saw feature from a while away.
19. Between cliffs and straight in.
20. +11:00Something very wrong here. Went very hard in a straight line. Got to the area in just under 3 mins, then spent the next 10 searching for the control. Was about to give up when fellow competitor called me in. I think the control was on the wrong mega-boulder, plus the control description was inaccurate... the control was not hung on the E side of the boulder.
21. +00:45Still fuming, so I stuffed this one up. I had pre-read control description, but forgot description during my 11 min hunt. I didn't double check again and thus was looking on the wrong side of the boulder.
22. Things getting better again. Ran next to fence, straight in.
23. As straight as possible to bottom of gully, then up it.
24. +00:10Ended up going slightly too far left and hitting road a bit early.
25. Ran leg hard, straight line / contouring. Didn't look at detail at all until I got into general area where I started navigating more finer. Spot on.
26. +00:10Tricky leg. I played safe and navigated to the nearest large boulder before attempting a go at the control. Hit it okayish.
27. Straight line, could see Sig Tree from a while away.
28. +00:10Back in the tricky area and for the first time, got caught on not pre-reading my map. Exited #27 wrong way before correcting. Otherwise fine.
29. Straight line and hard. Didn't read map detail at all until circle.
30. Went round the top side of the boulder to #30. Faster I think as I didn't loose any height.
F. Sprint finish... not too bad for a change.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:40

Split Analysis

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