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Race Evaluation

QOC: Pohick Bay: Green


1. +01:00Still sick and with my back not healed, I took off. I was surprised going down the hill that my back wasn't hurting and that I had some mobility. I initially planned to go to the road but figured it was too far. As I descended, I had a hard time figureing distance. After getting close, I had the opportunity to jump again to the road but I stayed in the woods. I pulled-up short and had a hard time seeing details. There seemed to be much more going on in the area with gullies and side reentrants. Eventually I went down far enough but if I came off the road at the intersection, I would have been much quicker.
2. High along the right side of the reentrant until the junction, then I crossed and climbed up to the plateau. The green was not as bad as I figured it might be. The plateau seemed so short as I crossed it and ran along the edge to the top of the reentrant.
3. Using trails, I crossed the main park road and got on the campground road. I got to a road bend which I recognized as not being mapped correctly and ran around the green to the first man-made junk pile (dangerous glass). With two larger pieces of junk oriented correctly and the reentrant visible ahead, I figured I had gotten to the right place. This was reinforced by another man turning up and stopping. Afer looking back a bit, I went ahead and found th esecond junk pile. It seemed to me to be mapped a bit further than it should have been. I jumped around the sharp glass and punched.
4. Down and up. The control coded had been changed from an earth bank to a gully but it was really a ditch or even just a reentrant.
5. Across the power lines to the road (the mapped bend seemed exagerated), then off the open area. I was hesitant going down because I was unsure if I was hitting the right reentrant. Another woman punched just in front of me.
6. +00:15I got a bit high but was close enough to see it, correcting to the right.
7. I went fairly straight so that I'd know where I was when crossing the trail at the knoll. I read the vegetation in .
8. +00:30I cut right a bit to avoid vegetation but climbed angling to the spur. I followed the spur up. The contours didn't seem right to me, I cut left a bit to stay on the spur then shot across the ridge. I stopped after dropping down the right amount then looked around. Several others were in the area. Jon Torrance approached from my left. I looked right and saw the hill hiding the pit and got there just before Jon. I discovered the pit to be wet.
9. I came off the road bend and remembered a control being here before. I wanted to make sure not to misse it so I went a little further to come more directly down the reentrant.
10. I angled a bit right to the road but eventually crossed it after rounding the green. I hit the next trail very near the intersection but it was so faint I was unsure of it. I cut left on it and became more confident. As I left the road, I passed Sid Sachs and spiked the control.
11. I first thought to angle across the stream but second guessed myself to get across more to the right to use the trail. I was unsure of the mapping of the trail but followed the blazes anyway. Up the next hill, I angled across the flat and spiked the spring on the other side.
12. +01:30I thought about going up the white reentrant but decided to angle up instead to hit the trail. It was slowish. I was unsure where I hit the trail but eventually got to the power line ride. Using the ride, then the road along it, I got a little confused and went to #4 again. I cut back to #12 after that but this big S-curve route lost me time.
13. Straight at it but a little cautious going up. I'm not sure if I've ever been to this nice control for course setters.
14. +00:20I angled right and hit the trail at the bend. I used the roads to attack off the northern pull-out but was too far north of the control. The contours sorted it out for me.
15. +00:20I passed Tim Good leaving the control and didn't pause much. I misread the control such that I believed I had to cross the reentrant rather than stay in it. I corrected after rereading the map. I probably drew Tim off-line.
F. Up the left side of the reentrant and a bit left to avoid some green. I was slow climbing. This was probably the right distance for me in my present situation. I hacked a bunch after stopping. As I cooled standing and talking, My back tightened a bit more and felt sore.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:55

Split Analysis

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