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Race Evaluation

SLOC Cliff Cave: Red


1. No map for the first loop and I don't remember all the details...
2. Bad compass work
Got tangled up in the dark green east of the control.
3. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Lost contact with the map. Had to go slow for a bit to match contours with map.
4. +00:45Map reading
5. Perhaps I should have run the trail. Followed the white through the woods northeast of red line.
6. +01:10Spent a lot of time reading the map enroute. Got caught in on thick area.
7. +00:20Confused the control circled for 8 as 7. Went a little out of the way.
8. +00:15Dropped my map.
9. Map exchange. Watch went into a different mode so I didn't capture the splits after 8. Estimated splits for the last 6 + finish.
10. +01:00Chose to go up the hill to the trail and then over to 9. Should have taken the reentrant further to the east and gone straight up to the control.
11. +00:10Didn't see the control right away.
12. +01:2050 m too far west. Map checking and recovery + bad approach. Control was in a 7-8 foot deep ditch. Should have attacked from the east.
13. +00:20Climbed out of the ditch the wrong direction. Had trouble reaching the control, but then everyone else should have as well.
15. Bad route choice
Bad route choice. Should have gone out to the road and taken the path below control.
F. +00:10Realized my watch wasn't in chrono mode so I wasn't capturing splits. Stop looking at the watch and RUN!

Total Time Lost - 00:08:45

Split Analysis

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