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Race Evaluation

Meadow Creek South: Logan Lake BC


1. +00:10Didn't anticipate reentrant would be in flat area rather than lip of big depression.
2. Did not follow plan
Bad map reading
Did not read control description
Disturbed by others
Should have headed directly to open field, instead ran into fight to left of field and bailed into field. Some hesitation near control due to lack of attack point , seeing EBone and BLangbakk running opposite way from me (they were wrong) and not knowing what feature I was looking for.
3. +00:10Could have been more direct near control.
4. Saw Olav leaving control (left 2 mins before me).
5. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Bad map reading
Went around to right and almost missed it if it hadn't been for Olav leaving control. Over top would have been better.
6. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Meant to head N to big trail but drifted left and had to backtrack to get down cliffs.
9. Bad compass work
Cut corner from major trail to avoid wet marsh, almost went too low on control but got caught by big reentrant to SE of control
10. Remembered seeing control location on way to #2
11. Saw Olav again near control
12. +00:30Maybe could have done better route if had planned ahead. Ended up hitting power line and climbing to top of big hill.
13. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
15. +00:15Took wimpy trail route to preserve my impending victory over Olav (we almost always screw up when we run similar routes together).
17. Did not plan ahead
Got stuck in small depression and some green. Should have gone for stream right away.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:25

Split Analysis

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