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Race Evaluation

Troll Cup, NE Champs: Day 1 Red


1. right trail
2. 100m down trail, over to s spur
3. +02:00zigzag to trail
4. +02:00trail e of power line saves me, feeling last week's cold
5. trail, wall, trail e of field, wall, marsh, trail
7. trail right, up to 2nd slot
8. straight
9. along hilltops, seemed w but wasn't mapping
10. +01:30n to trail, around to reentrant, didn't see index contour under circle, climb; should have gone straight
11. stagger across, Patric Shannon and Will Smith catch me here
12. +03:40wander w to trail, attack from peak; should have gone more directly to trail, totally washed out here
13. straight to saddle, seen this before
14. +05:30totally lost it, skipped bag, ran to finish, startled to find it! now where am I? deduce my way back
F. now I've seen this before

Total Time Lost - 00:14:40

Split Analysis

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