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Race Evaluation

US Individual Championships (M/L/S): Blue Long


1. P D P R 2 +00:30I over-ran the point and had to stop and then back-track for about 10 seconds.
2. P D P R 1 +00:40Ran too far because I was confused on how their trees were mapped and counted the wrong tree
3. P D P R 5 +21:00I had a perfect route and counted each reentrant, but ended up stopping short. I was right on top of my point but I lost confidence of what it should look like and I ended up spending 20 minutes running in circles only to realize it was right below me the whole time. If I didn't stop short of the point, then I would of found it on my original route.
4. P D P R 2 +00:30I took a safe route and stopped once to make sure I didn't run too far. If I ran the fastest route I would of got it way faster, but I was pretty shaken up after my 21 minute error on point 3
5. P D P R 1 Ran slow
6. P D P R 2
7. P D P R 4 I walked the entire uphill. There is really no good route to avoid the 20 contour line climb in less then 750 meters. That was a nightmare.
8. P D P R 1
9. P D P R 1
10. P D P R 2
11. P D P R 4 +01:00If I ran on the southern trail instead of the northern trail then i would of had a gradual incline instead of a steep one. I think that would of saved me a minute. I was walking pretty must the entire uphill no matter which option I picked so I figured I'd just walk the short distance of steep uphill. I was in a lot of pain. Who comes up with such a dreadful leg!
12. P D P R 1
13. P D P R 2
14. P D P R 3
15. P D P R 2 +00:30I cut into the gulley/reentrant a bit too early and had to deal with some green.
16. P D P R 4 Walking every uphill. I was out of shape
17. P D P R 1
18. P D P R 1 Walked almost the entire leg
19. P D P R
20. P D P R
F. P D P R +00:05I tripped in the mud and fell in front of my family at the finish line.

Total Time Lost - 00:24:15

Split Analysis

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