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Race Evaluation

MTB Orienteering, Long Distance Champs: Course 2


1. Did not plan ahead
took off with out thinking went past turn too the long way round.
2. again not thinking ahead went past the turn.
3. finally getting things together
4. help out a lost pair that had no idea where they were.
5. got confused near the tunnels
6. took the tank track which was a bit steep.stopped and turned back just short of control then turned around again 100m down hill.
7. started to go west from 6 then changed my mind and went back north.
8. tried to follow the line till I reached mandejal rd then realised I needed to be alot further west to get across.caught phil at 8 and cleat came out.
9. phil still just behind at 9
10. phil still there at 10
11. lost phil at here
12. he caught me again here
F. tried to do control number 1 again instead of finish. then road past the finish. stopped to check map and came back.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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