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Race Evaluation

Forest Park Sprints: Sprint 2


1. down trail, wide L to road bend, then trail in, much better route than last time..
2. +00:10trail to road bend, cut through white to field, L of unmapped green on edge of field this time, perhaps 10m ne of pit, right in.. I guess the first time the junky green pushed me further R than I realized..
3. trail N, cross by tennis courts, right up trail this time
4. +00:30still managed to mess up here, started heading down first major trail, realized I shouldn't be going down, corrected back to top and around, once I had dropped I should have persevered and cut over at bend. Or best bet I should have stayed on top all the way around - but theres a bunch of extra trails so easy to confuse
5. straight down through green - thigh deep poison ivy - bridge (correct one this time) and quickly up hill to broad spur
6. pretty quick park sprint, but drifted R of line a bit so not as direct, but didn't have to weave between cultivated beds so probably a wash
7. around and in
8. around second building to avoid fence, then backtracked around reentrant and down through scout camp - starting to lose steam, should have been able to push this harder than I did
9. down to trail this time - didn't see trail on Saturday
10. up hill to road, road to single contour hill, cut R, down hill to marsh, cross bridge, up spur to reentrant
11. climb out to trail and around
12. climbed trail up and around rather than straight across terrain - easy attack, easier running - not sure how much the extra climb really cost since I went this way on Sat too
13. down, cross marsh getting hung up in some roses, then muddy trail
F. slower up the hill than I would have liked...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:40

Split Analysis

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