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R Knee, Other

2008-12-20 – 2009-03-03

Grade: 3

We had had a snow/ ice snow on friday so things were quite wet and slippery in spots. I was doing things around the house to get ready for Christmas as well as doing the necessary house chores as usual. I had been in and out of our back door all afternoon going to the basement for laundry and decorating the outside of the house for Christmas. I can't remember why I was going out this time but the sun had set and I guess the temp had drop some. Any way this time when I went out the top step had glazed over and I didn't know it. I put my right foot out first and then the left when all of a sudden my right foot started to slip and I was going to go down on the cement steps probably banging my head on the foundation of our house. I grabbed the railing and locked up my right leg to stop the fall and it worked. But in doing so I did something to the right knee( the one that already had surgery back in 2005) After a week of moderate pain and discomfort, I went to the doctors to see what the problem is. No definite answer yet. I think I tore my minisci again because it feels just like it did the last time before the sugery but more painful this time. I had an x-ray which showed nothing , no surprise there. I had one PT session and need a couple more before the insurance will pay for an MRI and that will be the telling factor. So I do my exersices and go to PT 3X this coming week and then I go back to the Dr. 1/12 for the next stage of tests to see where we are with the knee. If I need surgery I want it done as quickly as possible so that I can get back to walking and getting ready for the 2009 O season.

I had a injection in my knee on 2/3/09 which really helped with the inflamation in my knee. I continued with the PT for the rest of Feb and when I went back to the orthapedic doc on 3/3/09 we decided that I could go back to my normal activity at my own discretion according to any discomfort I might have.