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Training Log Archive: MJChilds

In the 7 days ending Mar 30, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 2:08:03 1.18 1.9
  Running1 35:00
  Walking1 30:00
  Total5 3:13:03 1.18 1.9

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Monday Mar 30, 2015 #

Walking 30:00 [2]

The usual w Carl. Stiff from the weekend, but the walk felt good. Lots of stretching afterward. Temp in middddd-30s. Sunny. Windy.

Sunday Mar 29, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Middle) 42:29 [4]

Finally had a good "run". I was able to jog all but the uphills and throughly enjoyed the terrain. Only problem was coming in too low on #4, closer to the end of the spur and finding all of the features which came together there confusing (dry ditches, trails). Knew I just had to climb up the spur though. The rest were somewhat slow because I was not concentrating on such details as distance and elevation, but overall knew pretty much where I was and took safe routes. The large reentrant around #14 did not look as I expected it, being much more prominent in the landscape than it appeared on the map, but afterward, I could see from the map that it was just me not looking at the bigger picture. Was happy with the downhill run to the last control and was humbled by having to walk up the last hill to the finish.

Later, when we were informed about the huge natural bridge under the trail to the last control, I walked back to see it and was blown away by the enormity of it and the fact that I had crossed over it three times (returning to the lodge to shower and then return) and did not have a clue that it was there. So glad I was able to see that. Wish I'd have taken the cave tour with Carl and Ethan--big mistake on my part--but seeing the natural bridge helped me to feel like I had really experienced this awesome place.

Thinking back, I wish my courses would have included encounters with the caves and natural bridges enroute. The woods were pretty oridinary, but pleasant, ridge valley terrain otherwise. At least the finish locations gave the opportunity to explore a little bit.

I also learned that letting my conditioning deteriorate so much over the winter cost me a lot. Slow runs, soreness, and the perceived need to cut back on any extraneous activity (cave tour, model map, exploring more at the Day 1 finish) took some of the fun out of what could have been even a better weekend. Thanks, OCIN!

Saturday Mar 28, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Long) 1:00:16 [4]

Carter Caves US Champs and Team Trials, Flying Pig, KY.
Started cold and soon froze on the way to 1 running through the open area by the equestrian parking lot. Cut into the woods to the trail and took it to second reentrant then headed into the woods. Control hidden from view by a large tree until 2 m from it. Oh well. For 2, took trail most of the way then aimed off to line of rocks and veered left to ditch with control. Dropped down looking for trail to 3 but must have veered off early--never found it so I crossed the dry stream bed and headed up the side of the slope for about 300 m total. Stopped about 20 from control thinking I'd gone too far. Ran uphill, hit trail, relocated, found control, lost about 2 min. Went straight to 4, to trail, ran trail a bit till I located using reentrant on my left (with another control) and using boulder on the opposite slope to confirm location. Headed right up to control. No problemo.

Took trail most of the way to 5. Stopped when trail veered to the left, looked across the large reentrant, located the large cliff on my map and looked about 100 m to the left and spotted what I thought was my control. Feeling very clever having spotted my control from so far away, I looked at the direction (SW) so I ran hard down the side and struggled up the other side. Saw large cliff-like structure to my left but did not see a cliff on the map. A few steps further uphill and there was the control. I reached into the pit and punched (never thinking about the feature or the code). Wrong control it turns out. I should know by now that if I start feeling particularly clever, I'm probably doing something really stupid. Such was the case here. I was looking for a black dot and it didn't register that the pit was not a black dot. Bummer. Didn't check code--all due to being rusty my first time out for the season. Probably also in O2 debt from running harder than I should have.

Ran trail to 6, up the reentrant and looked across to see what I thought was my reentrant. Turned out to be shadows created by a large fallen tree, but knew my reentrant would be just a wee bit further along. Right where I expected it. For 7, Looked across reentrant to see what my contour looked like over there and ran down and up then contoured over to control using the rock features as a guide. More dry ditches and pits in the terrain than on the map. Noted my position relative to the yellow area below. Had to go about 50-100 m farther than I expected, but I stayed level and found it. Ran due E, almost, down to hairpin turn in road, up the road to the end, then in to the pit for 8.

I had looked ahead at map and terrain for 9 and realized the area would be very confusing. Read my way along, saw it was on a stream, the second stream, did not check clue, so did not realize I just needed to go to the bridge, but no lost time even with the slight confusion. Just slow trying to read my way along.

Was surprised to see my MP because I thought I'd hit every control right where it should have been, then realized how I screwed up 5. Oh well. I had set the bar low for the weekend. Didn't think I'd be limbo-ing under it though!

Taped my right arch again and it was not a problem. I felt pretty good out there, just slow and out of shape, but thoroughly enjoyed the terrain, the course, and the chance to orienteer. Great event and hope to come back here again.

Friday Mar 27, 2015 #

Orienteering race (Sprint, Campus) 25:18 [4] 1.9 km (13:19 / km)

Worst sprint race ever. Great course, tricky course setting (which I liked), but I tried to run, was too tired from being out of shape, and went brain dead in the middle and could not properly read the map. Ran right by #6, went to #7 thinking it was #6, began to run to #8 and could not make sense of the buildings when I realized my mistake. Retook 6 and 7, then started right to #8 but changed my mind and went left, went two building too far to the west (sort of reading the map but not really), ran north to the road, (a road?), really screwed up now, then relocated and took a super stupid route the rest of the way to #8.

Nine and #10 were easy, but I ran the line to #11, instead of using the CAR technique and was nearly in view of the control when I realized that it was a trap and I could not get to the control without going 150 m out of the way. Drat! I redeemed myself on #12 when I first took a chance on being able to get through at the right end of the wall (between it and the dark green strip--there were stairs in between) and then saw the potential trap at #12 so I looked at the clue and saw, voila!, it was on the upper level. So I headed over there on the catwalk and right around the building at the correct level. Score one for me. The rest were just a slog, being slow and in the worst shape ever.

Glad my foot held out. Will tape it again tomorrow. It also didn't help that this was the first time to be on an O map this season. Most important--I had fun!

Wednesday Mar 25, 2015 #

Running 35:00 [3]

"Ran" on Rec Path to Old Stage Rd. and back. Continuous running for 18 min, more than I've done, then a mix of walk and jog home. Slight twinge in right arch, slight discomfort in left shin.

Much soreness later in the evening in right foot. Worried about plantar fascitis.

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