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Race Evaluation

West Point Day 1: blue


1. Trail/paved road - no way anyone should go straight in West Point on an unmapped hill...
2. +00:10Missed a little left
3. +00:30Contoured - hesitant until reached large cliff
4. Straight on - pretty foggy...
5. Chickened out and took the trail left, but thought re-entrant to right was probably faster, though a little more risky with the fog. But I was feeling super-slow in the woods so needed a break on the roads. Saw Eddie coming out on my way in - though he was maybe unnecessarily staying in the woods too long?
6. +00:30Directly north out to road; missed in the circle to the left, maybe 30 seconds
7. Straight, easy
8. +00:10Climbed the hill on the trail - maybe a little excessive climb
9. +01:00Went straight in dense fog - very hesitant. Probably should have gone left and run harder instead
10. +01:30Slow down to the trail, VERY foggy, visibility <50m even in the field. Lost >1:00 because control was NOT on a 5m cliff as described (though there is one in the center of the circle); instead it was on a 1.5m cliff more south of the larger cliff - sort of an extension. If you came from above or from right you would see it, but not from the left as I did...
11. +00:45Contoured, quite hesitant, slow. Very steep, fell twice. Saw red control on spring on way in which helped
12. +00:15Down to "plateau" then over to trail bend. Description says boulder but mapped feature looks like triangle (boulder cluster); control seemed pretty high
13. Easy - contoured around left. Feeling VERY tired
14. Wow, this leg looked easy but I was bagged and it seemed to take forever.
15. +00:40Missed 30-45 seconds trying to be cute - tran too far SW along road and had to climb more and circle back to control - oops!

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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