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Discussion: Orange Theory

in: Run_Bosco; Run_Bosco > 2016-11-28

Nov 28, 2016 10:26 PM # 
You like? I'm looking for a high-intensity interval workout. Just isn't the same when you're by yourself in the gym....
Nov 29, 2016 4:36 AM # 
I actually quite like it!

"Orange Theory" is their way of saying "Zone 4 interval workout". You get "Splat Points" for being in heart rate Zone 4 or 5. So while they present it in a gimmicky way, the actual workout is sound training.

The workouts are also HARD, but not in a way that feels unsafe (like some CrossFit gyms). We rotate through three stations: treadmills, rowing machines, and the weight room- or in other words, "circuit training". And on top of that, each day has a focus: either Endurance, Speed, Power, or a combo called ESP- and since that's 4 days of themes, that means that if you go every Tuesday, that each Tuesday will be a different type of day.

While I can be a bit of a slacker in the weight room (though I'm still getting stronger!) I am definitely running harder on the treadmill with a trainer barking orders at me than I could make myself run on my own. They use the terms "Base, Push, All Out" to indicate how fast you should be running. For instance, one block might be running like a minute or two at Base (sustainable pace), then 2 minutes of Push (like a tempo), then back to Base for a minute, then 90 seconds of Push with a 30 second All Out (sprinting) at the end. Then maybe we'd do it again, but with an incline or something. Or sometimes we even hop off the treadmill, row 100m, then hop back on the treadmill. haha. They really mix it up!

Anyway, I still need to figure out how to pace an orienteering race, so Real Life Running is still important!

Oh- and the thing that Kate liked about it: it's all about effort. Kate and I can go to the same class, and it doesn't matter how fast each of us is going, what matters is the effort we're putting out. So she sees that as a welcome equalizer.

I am a bit lucky that I got 'new studio' pricing, as a gym just opened up in my neighborhood. If there's one opening up anywhere near you, I'd try to get their promo pricing! If you're a member of one, you can attend any OT anywhere, which is also nice. (Also meaning that you can get promo pricing from a studio farther away from you, but then attend the studio closer to you.) Though beware that a new studio may be exceedingly disorganized. Ours was a hilarious disaster, but they're doing better now. The other OTs around Seattle are dialed in too.

But the main point: it's a great workout!
Nov 29, 2016 4:33 PM # 
Cool, thanks! I'll have to check it out...

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