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Training Log: Bash

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 4:52:05 25.37(11:31) 40.82(7:09) 732
  Strength & Mobility3 2:08:00
  Orienteering1 1:53:06 7.98(14:10) 12.84(8:48) 347
  Power Yoga1 55:00
  Total7 9:48:11 33.35 53.67 1079
averages - sleep:6.7

Sunday Dec 4 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:53:06 [4] 12.84 km (8:48 / km) +347m 7:45 / km
slept:4.5 shoes: Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2

Dontgetlost Icebreaker Adventure Run
Chedoke, Hamilton
2-hour score format - green, blue, black diamond, double black diamond

Great to see so many friends out today for a chilly (but not snowy) Icebreaker! As in 2014, we had the option to start with the Killer K - a kilometre of muddy climbs and descents, finishing with a long stair climb to the top of the escarpment where we punched a black diamond control. We could only punch it as our first control and it was valuable enough that it seemed like a good idea - although it turned out to be the only control skipped by the top two Open Women. In hindsight, I could have picked up more points on the golf course in the time it took me to do the Killer K but on a positive note, I beat my 2014 split by 25 seconds.

From the top of the stairs, I considered running to the east side of the map to pick up 210 points that were partway up the escarpment. That would have saved some climbing but I didn't want to feel pressed for time on the valuable west side of the map so I ran back down all the stairs, then ran west to get 44, 49, 47 and 48 in an area that felt quite familiar from Raid The Hammer last month. On the way back, I did Raid Re-run Leg #1 (45 to 46), then I ran east of the clubhouse to do Raid Re-run Leg #2 (42 to 43).

Double black diamond control 50 was close by and I managed to turn my map upside down as I was scrambling up the steep slope covered with loose rocks, wet leaves and mud. Lucky for me, I decided to climb up to the correct elevation, then contour across to the control on the other side of the staircase. I was kinda shocked to find it almost immediately, well before the staircase. After that, I turned my map right side up to avoid further surprises.

Then I ran onto the golf course where I had time to pick up 39, 38, 33, 35 and 31. I finished with extra time but the closest control was one that only counted if it were done as part of a set of three controls ("The Chair Climb") that involved a lot of up and down. So I headed to the finish and dug into the coconut cookies early.

I had a few minor bobbles here and there but overall it was a good race for me. I was super cautious in rocky areas because of my two ankle sprains in October but otherwise, running felt good. I came home with two tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour in Hamilton for winning the Masters Female category (1/19). Really happy with that prize - thank you, Adventure Attic! :) Thanks to Meghan, Patrick and the volunteers for another fun day out. P.S. 'Bent cleared the course! (He finished 80 seconds late but that's because his watch was wrong.)

Saturday Dec 3 #

11 AM

Running (Trail) 1:57:41 [3] 14.27 km (8:15 / km) +430m 7:10 / km
slept:7.5 shoes: Salomon Speedcross Pro

'Bent, AdventureDog and I went trail running and bushwhacking all over Glen Haffy. It's Dec. 3 so we should have been skiing but it was nice family time anyway. Our bushwhacking was a search for a connection between the northwest part of the conservation area and the residential streets of Mono Mills. That would make it nicer to run to/from Caron's new fitness studio on the corner of Hwy 9 and Airport Rd. But it looks like there is no way to get through without crossing someone's lawn. Maybe the studio can give away a free membership to a friendly home owner in exchange for permission to cross their yard? In the meantime, the best bet will be to take the Bruce Trail to Hwy 9 and run on the highway shoulder for about 700 meters. Really awful but at least it's short. [Update: After seeing the GPS track, there is a route through the subdivision that would shorten the Hwy 9 run to 250 m. Not bad.]

We ran into SlowRunner and had a brief chat. AdventureDog is a tough coach who barks if we stop running, so we can only have quick conversations with any friends we meet on the trails.

Friday Dec 2 #

slept:7.0 (rest day)

More on nutrition and longevity: Chef Peng Chang-kuei, creator of General Tso's Chicken, passed away this week. In spite of all that fat and added sugar, he lived to be 98 - the same age as the creator of the Big Mac, who passed away two days earlier. Hmm, might need to rethink our food choices...

Thursday Dec 1 #

Running (Trail) 1:01:51 [3] 8.88 km (6:58 / km) +123m 6:31 / km
slept:6.5 shoes: Salomon XT6 Softground

It's December - time for some snow to fall! AdventureDog and I did a different circuit around Palgrave East, stopping by Crash's place to leave my original pair of Snowcross for her to try. They still look spiffy but after 4 years and 500+ km, I've splurged on a new pair. During the winter, I wear them for most of my runs and all my orienteering so it seemed like a worthwhile investment.

Strength & Mobility (Core) 19:00 [2]

Hard Core Live with Caron

Power Yoga 55:00 [1]

C3 class - lots of hamstring/calf/hip stretch/strength moves and lots of forward bendy stuff. My favourite!


Very nice to see FB today when he stopped by to drop off some ARWC loaners! :)

Wednesday Nov 30 #


Re nutrition and longevity: The inventor of the Big Mac died this week. He was 98.

4 PM

Running (Treadmill) 35:00 7.15 km (4:54 / km)

Much as I don't like the treadmill, I can't cheat when I do speed work on it - unless I want to fix a hole in the drywall. Today's podcast was RadioLab discussing the meat allergy you can get from a Lone Star Tick bite. Oh, that would be sad (but good for the environment).
6 PM

Strength & Mobility 49:00

Caron was not merciful in tonight's Boot Camp. No resting! Ever! It's amazing that she's still doing the exercises with us, given that she's been teaching a variety of classes 6 or 7 days a week ever since her new fitness studio opened in late September.

Tuesday Nov 29 #

3 PM

Running (Trail) 1:17:33 [3] 10.52 km (7:23 / km) +179m 6:48 / km
slept:6.75 shoes: Salomon Speedcross Pro

I've had an easy month since the Javelina 100 with the exception of Raid The Hammer, but it's time to start training for Transgrancanaria in 12 weeks. The good news is that I gain weight when I train less so now I'm getting a harder workout when I run. Yay...?

AdventureDog and I ran around Palgrave East. There were some slimy boardwalks after last night's rain so I got to test the advertised low-slip tread of the Speedcross Pros. It would have been better to have a different shoe on each foot to compare but they seemed really solid.

We met one polite mountain biker and followed in the footsteps of dozens of horses with loose bowels. We also met a man with a strong accent who valiantly tried to warn me - several times - about a Purple Pine just ahead. I finally realized it was a porcupine, thanked him and took a different trail.

AdventureDog is not tired.

7 PM

Strength & Mobility 1:00:00
shoes: Salomon Sense Pro - Blue

Injury prevention-oriented class with 'Bent and the C3 gang

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