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Training Log: Bash

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Snowshoe Orienteering1 2:49:43 8.49(19:59) 13.66(12:25) 279
  XC Skiing - Classic1 1:08:22 4.99(4.4/h) 8.03(7.0/h) 143
  Trekking1 1:00:00 2.49(24:08) 4.0(15:00)
  Running1 1:00:00 4.91(12:13) 7.9(7:36)
  Strength & Mobility1 10:00
  Total5 6:08:05 20.87 33.6 422
averages - sleep:6.4

Wednesday Jan 17 #


I finally wrote up the Snowshoe Raid - busy week! Lots of photos, none of them mine. :)

Tuesday Jan 16 #

10 AM

Strength & Mobility (Foothab) 10:00 [1]

3 PM

XC Skiing - Classic (Ungroomed) 1:08:22 [3] 8.03 km (7.0 kph) +143m

Skied around Palgrave West with AdventureDog. The snowy forest looked amazing but ski conditions weren't great because the flash freeze created a rock hard layer beneath about 8 cm of snow. We had fun but now I'll wait for more snow.
5 PM

Running intervals (Treadmill) 1:00:00 [3] 7.9 km (7:36 / km)

4 X 4 min intervals while catching up on Jamil Coury's videos.

Then I cooled down with this.

Monday Jan 15 #


Sunday Jan 14 #

Trekking (Trail) 1:00:00 [1] 4.0 km (15:00 / km)

Hike with 'Bent and dogs to explore around the new Tree Hugger Advanced Base Camp in Collingwood.

Saturday Jan 13 #

11 AM

Snowshoe Orienteering race 2:49:43 intensity: (1:49:43 @3) + (1:00:00 @4) 13.66 km (12:25 / km) +279m 11:16 / km
slept:5.75 shoes: Salomon XR Crossmax CS pink/gr

Dontgetlost Snowshoe Raid
Pretty River Provincial Park

Browner and I teamed up for one of the chilliest Snowshoe Raids ever!

AG! got some great pics from the start. The fresh snow in the forest was spectacular.

There had been a lot of rain followed by a flash freeze so the streams were running and the snow was heavy beneath a fluffy surface layer. Conditions weren't fast but we moved pretty well.

(The next photos are Derek Carpenter's.)

We did a loop of controls in the northeast, then made our way down the western half of the map until #50, when we headed to Pretty River Road. (I'll photograph the map and add it later.) Everything went smoothly except for valuable #53 where I led us off the trail too early and happily trotted up a spur when the contours actually showed a reentrant if the map was read correctly. We lost about 8 minutes but it was a 100-pointer so it was worth the extra time.

The grand finale of our plan involved crossing the Pretty River in the southeast part of the map close to the finish line to get 40 and 41. We'd planned this to be 25% of our point total so everything was built around having enough time for it.

I don't mind crossing streams in winter but the recent rains had raised the river level so there was rushing current with some open water and - more concerning - patches of ice over and under the water. Browner and I spent a lot of time walking and running along the river bank and one of its tributaries, looking for a safe crossing point. We tested the crossing of a minor feeder stream where I broke through ice in my snowshoes and went in knee deep. We weren't keen to take the risk with the river itself and many other teams made the same decision. A few did cross, including both our husbands! Unfortunately, there weren't any other controls nearby so we headed for the finish early.

It was a fun, beautiful day in the woods and our truncated route earned us the female masters win.

Congrats to STORM and Gally, who took the overall victory in a field of 101 teams!

And congrats to 'Bent and Hammer, who placed 2nd overall in spite of their late arrival and sizeable penalty.

I love these game faces!

Congrats also to Mrs. Tiny and Heidi, who were 1st of 41 female teams.

Big thanks as always to Bob and his team of volunteers for a terrific time and a challenging race course. It's never easy and everyone has fun!

Friday Jan 12 #


Thursday Jan 11 #


2018 opened up wide this morning when I was unsuccessful in the CCC (101K race at UTMB) lottery. It was my 2nd consecutive attempt so I had 2 tickets and about an 80% chance of getting in, and I hadn’t spent any time considering alternatives. Time to start! I’ll need to think about earning qualifying points again too. Boo.

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