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Training Log: Bash

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 4:38:32 22.13(12:35) 35.62(7:49) 856
  Mountain Biking3 3:42:23 28.02 45.1 729
  Paddling1 1:38:21 6.26(3.8/h) 10.08(6.1/h)
  Power Yoga1 55:00
  Strength & Mobility1 19:00
  Total9 11:13:16 56.42 90.8 1585
averages - sleep:6.2

Monday Apr 24 #

12 PM

Mountain Biking (Single Track) 1:40:29 [3] 20.3 km (12.1 kph) +355m

Mrs. Gally and I met for a sunny lunchtime ride around Albion Hills. The southern single track is still closed but everything else is open and most of it is in mid-season shape. My legs were tired after the last few days but it was great to catch up and spend time in the woods on such a gorgeous day. We saw only one other rider - a friendly guy with long hair and a tiny dog running behind in an elf-sized orange vest.

[Bike computer distance]

Sunday Apr 23 #

1 PM

Mountain Biking (Trail) 1:51:54 intensity: (1:00:00 @3) + (51:54 @4) 24.8 km (13.3 kph) +374m

Browner and STORM came up on a spectacular spring day and we tried to tire out our four pooches with energetic running, swimming, wrestling and fetching. They didn't seem to slow down much but AdventureDog was snoring loudly on my lap tonight so I guess it worked a bit.

Then we tried to tire ourselves out by riding in Palgrave Forest, Albion Hills and in between. The trails we rode were all in mid-season condition - awesome! It was fun although my legs reminded me it was an early season ride so I steered us back home in plenty of time for Happy Hour. Six weeks until the Mohican 100K - lots of time, right?

[Bike computer distance]

Saturday Apr 22 #

11 AM

Running (Trail) 3:03:00 [3] 23.01 km (7:57 / km) +648m 6:58 / km
slept:5.75 shoes: Salomon Sense Ultra 2017

'Bent was keen to ride and I was keen to run, which worked out perfectly since he dropped me off at Hockley Rd. and 5th Line on his way to Dufferin Forest. I ran the Bruce Trail east and south to the Glen Haffy stile, then ran east on the Oak Ridges Trail to get home.

It was a spectacular day and I stopped a few times to chat with and help some Bruce Trail volunteers (it's Earth Day!) and to admire the view from Hockley Heights.

I met Crash riding in Glen Haffy and gave her a hard time for talking me into my new bike. ;)

I listened to Serial episodes most of the way. It is addicting.

Running felt good but my Achilles and back-bottoms of my heels are tight now. I should stretch more after I run. To be honest, it would be impossible to stretch less.

[Had to fix some weirdness in the track from GPS on/off]
12 PM


Update: Albion Hills has opened some of their trails today - Black loop, everything in the north, double track only in the south.

Friday Apr 21 #


Tomorrow was supposed to be Opening Day for mountain biking at Albion Hills but it looks like they've decided to wait following yesterday's rain. Fingers crossed for Sunday!
2 PM

Paddling (Canoe) 1:38:21 intensity: (1:00:00 @2) + (38:21 @3) 10.08 km (6.1 kph)

'Bent and I started at Angus and paddled upstream on the Nottawasaga River for 1 hour, then turned around and paddled downstream 50% faster. We used canoe paddles since the Big East River X is only 5 weeks away. There's no chance that we'll become speedy marathon paddlers but we need to practise finding the fastest route upstream and downstream, and decide on communications, canoe set-up, gear, etc. It felt great to be on the water again although I'm still chilled.

We went to Bike Zone Barrie beforehand where I finally made a decision and recklessly tossed my planned budget out the window. My due date is April 30. :) It's a bouncing baby Pivot 29er!

Thursday Apr 20 #

5 PM

Running (Trail) 55:32 [3] 7.21 km (7:42 / km) +208m 6:44 / km
slept:7.25 shoes: Speedcross 3 Climashield - pur

It rained most of the day - just pelting down at times! Dundas took the prize though.

With single digit temperatures, it was a good day to test rain gear for a mountain race so I did a trail run from the main entrance of Glen Haffy on my way to Yoga/Core class. The trails featured plenty of mud and slippery wooden bridges and boardwalks but it was a fun run. I was attacking the hills better than usual and my rain jacket kept me warm, if not completely dry (because I was sweating). No one else was around and the park is officially closed - kinda eerie.
7 PM

Strength & Mobility (Core) 19:00 [2]

Hard Core Live with Caron
8 PM

Power Yoga 55:00 [1]

C3 yoga class
9 PM


A robin has been attacking our house for the past week, sometimes several times a minute during daylight hours. The best solution is to cover the entire window with paper or cardboard so he will leave and do something useful - like finding a mate - but this robin has been attacking *every* window so I think we'll just have to live with it. Maybe it's better if he doesn't reproduce anyway!

Wednesday Apr 19 #

6 PM

Mountain Biking (Single Track) 10:00 [2]

Quick loop in Palgrave East with Crash while she let me ride her new Pivot Mach 429SL Carbon mountain bike. I've been looking online at the Pivot Mach 4 Carbon, which is similar but a little less of a race horse. It's also 27.5 while Crash's Pivot is a 29er that also takes 27+. Darn, she got me thinking about wheel size again, just when I thought I was sure. :)
8 PM

Running (Treadmill) 40:00 [3] 5.4 km (7:24 / km)

Evening run while catching up on several short video podcasts.

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