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Training Log: Zed

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering4 4:24:05 8.89 14.3
  run1 36:00 3.18(11:19) 5.12(7:02)
  Total4 5:00:05 12.07 19.42

Tuesday Jul 5 #

orienteering 41:25 [3] 2.9 km (14:17 / km)

Italian 5 days day 3, stage 4. This middle distance event was held at a mere 1600 m - the planned stage 3 higher up has been postponed until the last day. Which is good news for Toby Caz who has just arrived tonight from Budapest as he will get to go up to the high map now. Today’s weather was benign, sunny and mild and it was another pleasant walk to the arena. It was quite a steep walk to the start and the ground was very muddy in parts.

Today’s map was fairly steep on forested slopes with some open areas. The main control sites were rocks and pits but we also had an old charcoal burning site. I found the going very thick and slow in parts, never really getting to a fast run. I was quite cautious with navigating too. I didn’t make any mistakes - quite a contrast to yesterday - but I also was able to read the map the whole time as the sun shone throughout. 3.5 km distance on my gps felt very short. 15 minutes down on the winner about 1/2 way down the field.
Considered having a run later ( haven’t done anything longer for a while) but felt tired as in sleepy.

Monday Jul 4 #

orienteering 1:59:00 [3] 5.9 km (20:10 / km)

Italian 5 days, day 2. Long. Actual distance 7.79 km.

Not brilliantly executed ( finished last) but happy to have finished and survived.

Start was at 2000m - cable car ride to start. Sunny conditions to begin with then thunderstorm came while I was on course, I started to make mistakes. And jumpy with strikes nearby. Event got cancelled but I didn’t know until I finished. Lightning and pouring rain and couldn’t read map, ( glasses - my cleaning cloth was wringing wet) complex contours as glacial. plugged on slowly and thunderstorm passed Stuck at 2000 m for nearly an hour as cable car couldn’t run due to second thunderstorm!! Had an awesome hot choc ( ski cafe). Best hot choc ever and most expensive! 5 euro. Having a good time despite more terrible km rate.
Leith and Toby L finished too.

Sunday Jul 3 #

run 36:00 [2] 5.12 km (7:02 / km)

Morning potter around M di C, exploring. Found some nice tracks contouring through the pines. Sun was bright and hot by 10 am. Still sluggish but better than yesterday.

orienteering 20:40 [3] 1.8 km (11:29 / km)

Italian 5 days day 1 sprint. I was quite nervous for some reason, about this even though my goal was just to find the controls and have fun ( and find the start in good time.) Course was advertised as having straight line distance of 1.8, but control descriptions sheets said 2.4 - this was in fact the optimal route choice distance. I did 2.7 km. Missing as I often do the shortest optimal narrow routes choosing wide and simple instead. One optimal route choice would’ve involved going straight through a crowd of children in a mini sports day, I was never going to do that ! The first 3 controls were bush and I overshot 1, it came up so fast, tried to settle and keep checking direction changes but did a lot of hesitating. Better once out in the streets but didn’t really feel flowy except for the last few. There were people everywhere! Once I stopped I realised how hot it was! Then I went and watched Leith, who came a respectable 9th.
I was over 4 minutes behind the leaders in my group ( I would like to see their routes). Happy to come 16 ( out of 40 I think.)

It’s gone from heat to rain and thunderstorms so it might be a difficult long tomorrow. I am third starter.

Saturday Jul 2 #

orienteering 1:08:00 [2] 3.7 km (18:23 / km)

Italian 5 days bush model event.
Not too hard nav apart from working out contours in spots but steep thick and uneven ground so I often took tracks . As can be seen from my time I barely ran. This was partly for thinking and partly as I felt very very unfit and heavy legged. I’ve lost some fitness lately through combination of being so busy, sitting a lot ( work, Rogaine organising, study) and lack of daylight. Suspect I’m still jet lagged and I’m certainly not used to warm humid conditions. My goal for the events will be to keep connected with the map and find controls. :)
The map today had some open meadows with cows. I took some photos they were very sleek. The cows have cow bells on their necks! I wonder what they think of the them? They are pretty loud. Maybe they all have hearing loss?

Our accommodation is nice. Tiny kitchen but great because we can make our own meals. We now have another 18 yo orienteering lad staying with us from Canberra, Toby L. Our local Toby Caz will join us in a couple of days after doing some races in Budapest. It is nice to have access to fresh vege again after the travel days. We are right next door to a supermarket.

orienteering 15:00 [3]

Sprint model in a nearby village, Pinzolo. Angu, arrived today, kindly drove us down to this and we jogged around together getting tips. It was busy and festive with live music in the town square - heard U2 and theme from Out of Africa. Then I did a little bit on my own while boys went faster. Hot and humid.
Highlight was stopping at a cool fountain for a drink, the water was icy. In the trough at the base of the fountain someone had placed bottles of coke and champagne, very practical!

Friday Jul 1 #


Landed in Munich at 7 am from Bangkok. I am not a fan of long haul flights!
Ended the day in beautiful Madonna di Campiglio. Leith keeps saying the mountains look like cgi. We had a big day to get here from Munich, 12 hours. 3 trains and 1 bus going through Austria on the way. It was raining in Munich but hot when we got off the train in Trento. It is cooler up here in Madonna di Campiglio. This is a ski village with lots of hotels, cafes etc and access to trails and mountains. Base for the ‘Italian 5 days’ . Here for 9 nights with plan to hike after the events.

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