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Training Log Archive: possum

In the 7 days ending Apr 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:52:26 10.03(23:10) 16.14(14:24) 277
  9Round4 2:40:14
  Slogging1 1:20:49 5.03(16:04) 8.1(9:59) 76
  Yoga1 1:00:00
  Workout1 1:00:00
  Dog Walking2 51:42 2.24(23:02) 3.61(14:19) 29
  Total9 10:45:11 17.3 27.85 382

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Saturday Apr 20 #

8 AM

Orienteering race 3:16:51 [4] 13.81 km (14:15 / km) +255m 13:03 / km
ahr:105 max:139 shoes: INOV-8 Roclite 270

Bing-Orienteering at Ft. Leavenworth. Lots of fun, and a really good distance workout for me. I did very little running because I needed to save my breath for all the climb. I didn't have to stop and catch my breath going up hills, which is a nice change. I spent much too long on 34, and went overtime. I also found 24, but couldn't find it on my punch card, so I punched it in the free space. Then my punch must not have registered on 25, but I knew I was there. I feel down hard once, fortunately it was on my left knee, and I'm ok now. A couple of place were very scary--going downhill from 32 to 31, then trying to get to the stream to cross it--lots of piled up logs I had to climb over, very slowly. The area around 34 was also hazardous. It was a good effort and of course, the map is missing lots of things--buildings, trails, roads, and has no scale, so distances are estimates. But still lots of fun.

Friday Apr 19 #


Spent about 20 minutes putting out controls and prizes for the O'Bunny, then picking controls back up afterwards. Strangely enough, I have taken over 13000 steps today and not gone anywhere. And my feet are tired, too.
8 AM

9Round 32:00 [4]
ahr:113 max:182 shoes: INOV-8 Alltrain 215

Well, I spiked again today. Not good. Otherwise, a good and challenging workout. We had a special challenge--Extreme Burpees, and I did 19 in three minutes.

Thursday Apr 18 #

8 AM

9Round 32:00 [5]
ahr:115 max:175 shoes: INOV-8 Alltrain 215

My heart rate did a spike today, for the first time in about a month or so. Not good, but I just had an EKG and it was good. This was round 1 and we did a bunch of enhanced rope jumping. When I saw how high it was, I slowed down and did lunges instead. The rest of the workout was ok, but challenging.
9 AM

Dog Walking 16:07 [2] 1.27 km (12:41 / km) +5m 12:26 / km
ahr:92 max:131 shoes: INOV-8 Roclite 270

This was the woods loop at Mack Porter. I have a lot of prep for tomorrow's Easter celebration, so I wanted short. The first loop, clockwise, was very slow -- 10.5 minutes because we just walked and sniffed. The second loop, counterclockwise, but also with Elray, we alternated walking and slogging and only took five and a half minutes. Wow! Then I came home, had chocolate milk for recovery, and am gearing up for heavy duty house cleaning.

Wednesday Apr 17 #

3 PM

Workout 1:00:00 [2]
ahr:78 max:95 shoes: INOV-8 Roclite 270

Not as tough this week. I did a lot of agility stuff with the rings to get some fast feet going.

9Round 1:04:14 [3]
ahr:78 max:95

Tuesday Apr 16 #

4 PM

Yoga 1:00:00 [1]

Stretch & Strengthen. Lissi wasn't here today, so we had a substitute. A bit easier, but still a great stretch.

I had to go to the doctor this morning for my annual Medicare physical. Except for a bit of congestion (hay fever season), and my ongoing osteopenia, everything was very good. I nailed the mental thing, and I was down 8 pounds from last year. We had to draw a clock again this year.

Since I wasn't supposed to eat ahead of time, we went to a new place for brunch afterward, and I had crab, tomato, and avocado benedict. Very good.

Monday Apr 15 #

8 AM

9Round 32:00 [4]
ahr:114 max:137 shoes: INOV-8 Alltrain 215

A pretty tough day. Lots of time in the yellow. The last round was a killer--20 Russian twists, 10 twisting V-up, both while holding a medicine ball, and 6 froggies. And repeat.
9 AM

Dog Walking 35:35 [2] 2.34 km (15:12 / km) +24m 14:28 / km
ahr:105 max:138 shoes: INOV-8 Roclite 270

Across the bridge and the east loop and back. Elray was not very cooperative today--she wanted to roll in the grass. My right leg is still very sore, but today was not any worse than yesterday when I did a long one.

Orienteering 35:35 [3] 1.45 mi (24:31 / mi) +22m 23:24 / mi
ahr:101 max:138

Sunday Apr 14 #

3 PM

Slogging 1:20:49 [3] 8.1 km (9:59 / km) +76m 9:32 / km
ahr:79 max:138 shoes: GORUN5

Counterclockwise around Wilson Lake at Watkins Mill, plus an extra kilometer back and forth. I have a bruise from yesterday that's about 2x4 in inches, or 5x10 in centimeters, and it's sore. I wanted to run, but when I broke into a run, it made my bruised area hurt, so I had to satisfy myself by fast walking, which I did. I did average 10/min/km for the while 8 km.

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