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Impact wound / trauma (Knee)

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Average recovery time: 40 days

Recorded Instances

Sanni0 daysdetails
Anvil1 daysdetails
dkonotopetz1 daysdetails
Steffen1 daysdetails
grigork1 daysFastum gel and ice... still felling a little pain, but when i`m warmed up everything is fine.details
DrKeith1 daysClean and Savlon!details
DrKeith1 daysClean and Savlon!details
Parkino1 daysdetails
roschi2 daysrest, ice, vitamin Idetails
lonerunner2 daysnothing could be done to prevent it. details
torbensfunk2 daysdetails
mace2 daysdetails
nomiii2 dayskinda better, doesn't hurt running or anything...still sore with impacty stuffodetails
Skinorge062 daysnot a bad injury just hit it on a significant spot. A little rest and ice and its no probdetails
Macca2 daysdetails
Reiver2 daysJust a bash able to train once swelling down. Better if kept moving.details
brokenanklekit2 daysdetails
julien BAARC2 daysdetails
AndražDL2 daysdetails
Hirppa2 daysdetails
Flakey2 daysdetails
Tobben2 daysdetails
michalmy2 daysIce & rest.details
axelhalvar2 daysGick över, skönt det inte var värre. Får sluta slå i knäna i allting hela tiden. details
neda.tamas2 daysPihentetés, kenegetés fekete nadállyal és betadinnal. Igazából csak egy szimpla gyulladás volt ami nem megerőltetés hatására jött elő szóval gyorsan el is ment. Viszont szokatlanul fájdalmas volt.details
Nadim3 daysRestdetails
jwolff3 daysdetails
ken3 daysdetails
emilyr3 daysStill hurts when pressured it applied to it or my raw skin hits something, but felt fine. Rest seemed to do the trick. :)details
ironmom3 daysdetails
LittleBit3 daysdetails
forbesbc3 daysdetails
Jakob3 daysdetails
mmcleod3 daysdetails
MuddyFox3 daysdetails
forbesbc3 daysdetails
ColmM3 dayslet it scab up.. get rid of bandage or plasterdetails
Hirppa3 daysdetails
RJM3 daysRICE, Rest, drove to school, knee brace.details
Brooner3 daysdetails
OLLE3 daysdetails
jaanaolvet3 daysVaata kuhu jooksed. Jalg üles, proovi mitte pingutada. Külma peale.details
Steffen3 daysdetails
oliv3 daysdetails
EChild3 daysdetails
windy1233 daysPhysical therapy (as it has in the past) definitely helped, as did some rest. details
roarkis3 daysdetails
Ant W3 daysWas still sore on Wednesday but was able to run on terrain ok.details
texas_reckless3 daysdetails
hodgepodge3 daysdetails
Matej3 daysdetails
Steve R3 daysdetails
Quicksilver3 daysWatch for tree roots growing through a trail when running full speed... :/details
Purko3 daysdetails
Henerzz3 daysWhat caused it was running with worn out shoes on swampy grass. Can’t say it won’t happen again becuase of course it will. details
Josse3 daysdetails
Parkino3 daysdetails
secchio3 daysSono scivolato con la bici e son caduto con il ginocchio su una radice. Il primo giorno sembrava rotto, ma poi è passato tutto con ghiaccio, arnica e riposo di 3/4 giorni.details
pi4 daysdetails
Inprin4 daysdetails
٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶4 daysdetails
Honkie4 daysdetails
Hobitas4 daysdetails
Rhesus4 daysdetails
Old_Fox4 daysSeems to have no more pain really. Just used some heating cream to improve blood circulation and took it easy 2 or 3 days and that did the trick. Will have the scab for a few more days / weeks though.details
AndyB4 daysGetting this injury could be resolved by not falling over, will be going to shoe shop to get mega-super advanced stability shoesdetails
cfosp14 daysBonking my knee under the dashboard while getting out of the car did not help recovery but the whole affair was only minor. Staying off my knees during being careful during stretches did the job. details
Gytė4 daysdetails
jroach4 daysdetails
oliv4 daysdetails
Brooner4 daysdetails
HelenB4 daysdetails
mickey4 daysdetails
Clare4 daysdetails
Raz4 daysdetails
Steffen4 daysdetails
Richi Ross4 daysdetails
Bobby Mac5 daysdetails
MuddyFox5 daysNot running for a few days - put on some sort of anti-inflammatory.details
TM5 daysdetails
Steffen5 daysdetails
Angus Beef5 daysIt seems that i can run again without my knee giving me crap :) YAY I'm still taking it easy though after what happened last time. I think giving it a rest was a good idea.details
ReindeerCounter5 daysdetails
bigjim5 daysx-ray results not received (due 9 Feb.) NHS physio appointment received 9 Feb.! Waste of time Used 4SM facility and seen and diagnosed on 28th. details
Andrew5 daysdetails
Bruce5 daysdetails
helehan5 daysdetails
Joshosh5 daysdetails
Boje5 daysging von tag zu tag besser. details
yakin5 daysRestdetails
havarti5 daysdetails
antoniomariani5 daysdetails
johannes roto5 daysLiikkuvuustreenejä Btb anssi 29.10.details
CharlieRennie5 daysdetails
Old_Fox6 daysSo rest and cream helped to get the swelling down - bit of ice as well of course. Also took a few anti swelling tabs. It is still sore - but I can run almost normally now. Additionally decided to go with some new shoes as well to try and stay one step ahead of any runners knee problems in winter, as I push my mileage up.details
Dylan Maskow6 daysdetails
nnmiles6 daysdetails
pepa.6 daysdetails
JMorris6 daysRest I guess?details
Gilou6 daysdetails
Hobitas6 daysdetails
Boltboi6 daysdetails
Fraser P6 daysdetails
cousteau6 daysTry not to run into logs!! details
JennyJ6 daysrested all week, lots of antiseptic cream, racing in 3/4 lengths seemed to help it, felt fine after almost a week off! still looks grim thoughdetails
ba-ba6 daysdetails
Ralph6 daysdetails
JennyJ6 daysdetails
jeliasson6 daysdetails
kurthu6 daysdetails
Matej6 daysdetails
Rich6 daysdetails
Tschaekob6 daysdetails
RyanE6 daysBasically don't fall overdetails
tomik6 daysdetails
LilFlip7 daysStretching, rest, ice, and easy runs. Still not 100%, but improved enough to not consider it an "injury" anymore.details
Craney7 daysdon't hit your knee on a rockdetails
Sebba7 daysdetails
siaipsau7 daysgydymas buvo kaip visada: priesuzdegiminiai vaistai+proceduros+sildantis tepalas. kol kas nieko geresnio traumatologas nesugalvojo. na as dar kartais pries uzdegima naudoju slapimo kompresa, bet cia labiau buvo sumusimas.details
JonasB7 daysDon't fall...details
LOST_Richard7 daysMagic from the Physio with Needle, Ultrasound and Massage. Plus did not push too hard or run up hills for a few daysdetails
docsarahb7 daysdetails
rcro7 daysdetails
Alexander7 daysdetails
oliv7 daysdetails
paul.dd7 daysdetails
Scrappy Doo7 daysdetails
Richi Ross7 daysdetails
div7 daysdetails
JanetT7 daysdetails
ebone8 daysI don't think the knee has been painful during exercise (or at any other time) since the PCTR trail run on Jan. 21, so I guess the knee is better. I was fortunate that training did not seem to significantly aggravate this injury, and it healed during a pretty heavy training week. As of Jan. 25, there is still a faint lump/mound near the site of the impact, and the scab is still there. Also, when I press on it hard, it hurts a bit.details
randallxski8 daysThe outside of my knee is still slightly tender to touch, but is feeling much better. It never really affected my skiing, other than being afraid of falling on that side.details
Berko8 daysdetails
dkonotopetz8 daysdetails
pcbrent8 daysJust healed up. Still a bit of a hole, but swelling has reduced so I can run painfree.details
HansE8 daysdetails
LarryC8 daysdetails
jason.nz8 daysMonitor fatigue and coordinationdetails
Useless Fool8 daysdetails
Brooner8 daysdetails
Garry8 daysTook it easy for a few days. Started with short, easy runs.details
Nadim9 daysRest. details
Linas9 daysStrong pain came back in O-race in 2008-03-25, so recovery is taking much more time.details
MuddyFox9 daysdetails
Grayam9 daysmaybe try an stretch it an see if it makes it beta erlierr! =)details
Boltboi9 daysdetails
Desmond9 daysantibioticum tabletsdetails
sjreeve9 daysdetails
kurthu9 daysdetails
TomiKä9 daysdetails
peterk9 daysTimedetails
MVB9 daysdetails
dezellis9 daysdetails
Richi Ross9 daysdetails
kurthu9 daysdetails
davidbordeaux9 daysdetails
Danny Riley9 daysdetails
KingTim10 daysLaura took the stitches out after 9 days (A&E told me to leave it 10 days). Seems to be healing fine, although knees not fully back to normal operation yet.details
BradLund10 daysdetails
Desmond10 daysdetails
Caoimhe10 daysdetails
gerardhiggins10 daysdetails
Flam10 daysRepos okdetails
JanetT10 daysA couple days later the swelling was well down. Only hurts when I hit it directly or press against the spot. Declared recovered. Immediate icing helped a lot.details
Treb10 daysI manned up and ran with the bruising. details
Bashman10 daysdetails
kurthu10 daysdetails
Danny Riley10 daysdetails
Jamie11 daysdetails
Klemen Skornišek11 daysCause: Stealing 2nd base Recovery: Bepanthen usagedetails
kurthu11 daysdetails
devonbeckman11 daysdetails
alexhoward9511 daysBruise took a long long time to go away, very painful every morning and only fades through the day. Incredibly frustratingdetails
John O11 daysdetails
Nopsukka11 daysMerkkaan nyt parantuneeksi. Tänään en muista sen vaivanneen. details
pepa.11 dayshält recht lange, mit geringer Schmerzintensität an.details
vlin12 daysdetails
LeeVice12 daysdetails
prez ret12 daysdetails
thegingerninja12 daysdetails
dkonotopetz12 daysdetails
Jac12 daysdetails
dabond12 daysdetails
Bender13 daysStayed off of it and DWR for two weeks.details
3m13 daysGraze finally healing, will have nice scar on my knee for awhile. Swelling has almost completely gone and there is almost no pain except when I kneel on it. Dont run on gravel roads! details
dkonotopetz13 daysdetails
apocolypto13 daysdetails
Cruachan13 daysI fell over! Nothing specifically helped apart from easy running, some simple flexing and timedetails
phil13 daysHeilt ohne weiteres Zutun in ein paar Wochen.details
eoinmcc13 daysdetails
fitless13 daysdetails
Roger T13 daysSome pain under kneecap still after nearly 2 weeks: aggravated by jarring (e.g. downhill on tarmac) and even by 90 mins moderate cycling. Shorter bike rides much more tolerable than running though, and eventually eased off.details
dizaster13 daysdetails
vosvos13 daysdetails
Hadron Collider 13 daysdetails
TortoiseTam13 daysdetails
Danny Riley13 daysdetails
Ollie14 daysContinued to run the S6D races on it - it hurt for the first minute or so, then subsided. Certainly made me go a little slower than I good for part of each race. Probably not very wise - but it's stopped hurting now altogether.details
ThomasT14 daysNach 12 Tagen kamen die Fäden Raus und jetzt läuft es wieder :)details
johannes roto14 daysTikit pois 4.10. edelleen tuntuu polvessa kun vauhti on reippaampaa, normi hölkässä melkein täysin kivutondetails
trailchampion14 dayswhen running trails in tight group, pay more attention to the footingdetails
bealaw14 dayslet itself curedetails
Career Move14 daysdetails
angusivory14 daysdetails
Boje14 daysdetails
Imogenpieters14 daysPain free completely now running. Was just very badly bruiseddetails
Munter Hitch15 daysMar 21 - This was a bone bruise. All better. Icing and remaining in motion helped. details
mmcleod15 daysdetails
tomik15 daysdetails
Florence15 daysCombination of Janine and Kimdetails
JennyJ15 daysdetails
itsmartin15 daysThis stopped affecting me on Oct 1 but it was still uncomfortable to sleep, etc. until Oct 3 and I finally stopped feeling it throughout the day on Oct 5. It was a massive charley horse on my right thigh with bruising on the right thigh and bruising and swelling on the right knee. The big cut I got was not so bad in comparison.details
Duncan15 daysRest.details
philm6415 daysRest. Xray showed no fracture. swollen & sore for 2 weeks. details
michalmy15 daysHealed well after two weeks away from exercise. Limited motion for first week while bandaged. Wound still a bit red when stitches removed on day 10.details
ajriley15 daysdon't fall, massage and movementdetails
JoS16 daysdetails
Hanabanana16 daysdetails
O-ing16 daysLots of Icedetails
Martinsson16 daysdetails
Ralph16 daysdetails
nmulder16 daysShould have gone to hospital sooner so they could drain it.details
Ursa17 daysdetails
Fanatic17 daysJust a lot of Naproxen and avoiding a lot of steep hills seemed to help resolve the knee pain; that, and time.details
Nick17 daysdetails
ConnorF17 daysdetails
Gilou17 daysRepos, récupéré juste avant d'aller chez le médecindetails
Alistair W17 daysdetails
Larrycette17 daysdetails
dcady17 daysGot better pretty quickly.details
Trailrat17 daysTime, lots of time.details
ken17 daysdetails
Faceplant17 daysTime and glute exercises.details
rastridge17 dayswhy oh why do skins have to take so long to finish seeping--totally fine with running and biking but won't swim until seeping is completely done and it has actually scabbed overdetails
zimmi18 daysSalben und schonen hat geholfen! Jetzt scheint es mehr oder weniger überstanden! noch etwas versteifter Oberschenkel!details
xctimo18 daysdetails
lost in space18 daysDid the rice thing obsessively! after 2 days of rest I began to walk and spin! started massage therapy with excellent results.details
nomiii18 daysyayyy. just needed a few extra days to get extra better.details
cobbige18 daysgot exercises to do from physiodetails
furlong4718 daysdetails
trailchampion18 daysdetails
Slice18 daysdetails
kurthu18 daysdetails
redrider18 daystook it easily, avoided running, kept ice on it and used a band when I trained. got seriously worried after 2 weeks but luckily it was just a small tear or something.details
rachelallen18 daysdetails
HA_Training18 daysdetails
axelhalvar18 daysdetails
Flakey18 daysdetails
fell19 dayslots of icing, massage, and exercises did the trick!details
m.jada19 daysdetails
thegingerninja19 daysStopped running and Judo. Just coached some Newaza.details
Jac19 daysDröjde 19 dagar... 11 nätter utan sömn....details
peterk19 daysTime and massagedetails
Mark319 daysI think it might have been infected, recovery seemed up significantly once I started applying antiseptic cream. Also rolling the muscles surrounding the knee seemed to help a lot too.details
Spur19 daysdetails
dyoungdmd20 daysdetails
BigWillyStyle20 daysdetails
silkychrome20 daysnot exactly recovered after 20 days but close enough to resume normal training volume, just not normal terrain intensity.details
Geoman20 daysdetails
JennyJ21 daysWatch out for tram tracks Neck still a little stiff and knee a little sore but can't really say I'm injured anymore.details
bedders21 daysPlenty of rest. Just being very bored by not training.details
Martinsson21 daysKortisonspruta samt voltaren.details
pepa.21 daysdetails
RichT21 daysStitches out Feb 4th, and by end of next week appears healed. Still wouldn't want to fall on it just yet!details
-21 daysdetails
HA_Training21 daysdetails
JanetT21 daysOnce stitches were out, I waited a few days for "steri strips" to fall off of their own accord. Scabs didn't look bad so swam in a pool one day and ocean the next. Looking good now and more mobility, so marking this as "recovered"even though it's not quite back to normal. details
Ruhis22 daysdetails
ShaunTheSheep22 daysTrene bedre, så man orker å løfte beina. ;)details
Rokm22 daysdetails
Josse22 daysSprang SM lång 5 dagar efter borttagning av stygnen. Allt höll och jag flexade knät så mycket jag ville. Hämmade inte mig.details
greg23 daysdetails
ba-ba23 daysdetails
Swisscheese23 daysWell, I didn't try to do anything about it because it was during my rest period. But it was surprising how long it took to recover. If it would happen during the season I really need to be careful to do everything to minimize the recovery time.details
cmorse23 daysstill tender (14FEB) but not really bothersome.details
ba-ba24 daysdetails
Jac24 daysdetails
dcreekp24 daysdetails
A Forseille24 daysdetails
riinaF24 daysdetails
Boje24 daysdetails
Danny Riley24 daysdetails
zoolander25 daysall good now. Still a bit of scar tissue under the injury site but no probs. Went back and actually got the rope so that one is a done deal now.details
Ash25 daysrest for long enough, 1 week does not count as a recovery period!details
Fraser P25 daysdetails
Procrastin8or8925 daysCaused by impact with the rock due to fall. Needed time and rest for recovery and now building it up slowly.details
axelhalvar25 daysVärsta smällen jag varit med om hittills. Fyfasen. details
dkonotopetz26 daysdetails
orienteeringTim26 daysdetails
orienteeringTim26 daysdetails
Johnny M26 daysdetails
chelsealuttrall26 daysIt was sore for a long time. I think it effected my gait which messed with a few other things a little. But I think I can say it's better now. details
Knutern9726 daysHar ikke kjent noe til skaden på en stund, og den hindrer meg ikke lengerdetails
ondrejpavlu26 daysit needed time... didn't realised I banged it that bad.details
sjreeve27 daysdetails
revy27 daysNeeded drainage and still clicks with deep bendingdetails
Katnap27 daysdetails
katieinnit27 daysdetails
hf28 daysLet it heal: Rest, ice and maybe a visit at a physiotherapist. It takes significantly longer to heal if there is an open wound. Not 100% recovered yet - only 99% :-) Running goes now totally painless and without feeling anything in the knee.details
ximenes28 daysI won't say I am 100% recovered as there is some residual stiffness at times and some occasional pain when bending the knee too far. However, it is much, much better. Lessons learned: get better at XC skiing downhil!! details
JaxonRickel28 daysGood rest and stationary biking helped a lot.details
eoinmcc28 daysdetails
LittleBit29 daysdetails
BigWillyStyle29 daysdetails
Fanatic30 daysRest and strength training seem to have done the job.details
bealaw30 daysdetails
TommyH30 daysdetails
Hugginator30 daysdetails
Rabbanah31 daysFinally better. I did not even notice it this morning, not even the soft tissue. I am still concerned that as I pile on the miles that it will flare up again, but it can't be helped. And, once bone gets formed, it builds up pretty fast so I think it should adapt fine.details
Josse31 daysKroppen är långsammare än hjärnan på att kurera sigdetails
Shaya32 daysI think it was caused by a very low seat on my off road bike. I noticed it too late. Had to replace the bracket that holds the post!details
OJ32 daysI kept a light running load (15-25 mins per day) and resorted to biking and cross trainer for about a month. With more real rest it might well have recovered faster? Stayed worst of all in terrain - I guess it was a stability issue in the end. details
oliv32 daysdetails
Santinia32 daysdetails
The Rooster33 daysTime has resolved this but I think this could be back after my next long Bob Graham run.details
devil33 daysrespect the bony bruising MRI showed bony bruising and small meniscal tear which could both have come from bashing knee at boboyan divide eventdetails
morgrim33 days1) Don't run with a badly fitted backpack every day - it pulls you off balance 2) Stretch hip flexors (warrior 2 pose works) every day and quads as welldetails
robw34 daysdetails
fluceluce34 daysdetails
kurthu34 daysdetails
blairtrewin34 daysdetails
Spur34 daysdetails
lorrieq35 daysdetails
div35 daysStill sensitive, but almost gone. details
atsip35 daysdetails
mayer2236 daysCareful getting drained and a cortisone shot. Consider avoiding it if possible. Watch for infection and don't let it get too bad. My knee was probably getting red before it started swelling. I could have recovered MUCH faster if I had caught it earlier! Careful using heat during the infection. If the wound starts bleeding you don't want new blood to be coming out but getting the old blood out is good. BE CAREFUL but try and let it drain. Heat/ice combo worked well on my knee. My knee ac...details
DrKeith36 daysdetails
Brooner36 daysdetails
weegie37 daysdetails
vyc37 dayssekasi kartais..details
Andersen37 daysHar tagit lång tid men det var bara att vänta ut det ömma! Har gått att träna hela tiden känns det som.details
Scrappy Doo37 daysdetails
Jubby38 daysGradual rest/light training - focus on swim and bike as did not make any worse.details
Brooner39 daysdetails
Thibaut39 daysPlus aucune douleur depuis une semaine. Et plus aucun problème depuis que j'utilise une genouillère. C'est déjà ça en moins !details
Malla40 daysdetails
Florence40 daysREST! nah glutes work mostlydetails
bensmith40 daysPro-tip: don't fall over when running down trails.details
Wildsky41 daysdetails
Shrek41 dayskahden viikon totaalitauko juoksusta. Vain melontaa ja pyöräilyä.ainakin ekan kympin perusteella polvi kunnossa!details
kwilliams41 daysInitial runs again while in Norway on Hurtigruten. Must remember to ice and stretch. Need to start more strength training again to build up support. details
Miller Time41 daysdetails
lievin41 daysdetails
jemmerson41 daysdetails
RosieWatson42 daysdetails
texas42 daysstopped running for a while until it stopped hurting so bad. hurts now and then when i rundetails
mat-d42 daysdetails
mfuhriman42 daysAlmost out for the ret of the year, but I think I'll be OK for events in the fall. details
fp42 daysdetails
Geoman43 daysdetails
msm44 daysI just waited this one out. Still a little sore to kneel on but really I consided it full recovered.details
Ralph44 daysdetails
Tane47 daysdetails
FernWerm48 daysI'm gonna call this fixed now, although I'm still slowly getting back into running. Let's hope it doesn't do this again.details
TyrTom49 daysdetails
littlejohn49 daysdetails
rcro49 daysdetails
andrew_elwood49 daysdetails
levitin50 daysdetails
TortoiseTam51 daysdetails
Runodk53 daysdetails
PinkPanther54 daysdetails
Vilppu V.55 daysdetails
Craig58 daysJust took a long time. Still a bit stiff around lateral side of knee but not really causing a problem now.details
tomslocombe61 daysdetails
John O61 daysReplace shoes before they are worn down. Only wear shoes for running and not for social activities.details
vosvos61 daysdetails
5562 daysRest, massage and stretching has done the trick. Will monitor though when I resume cycling.details
FrankTheTank63 daysMy knee has been doing well with only some very minor pain every once in a while. Particularly on downhills.details
Shminty65 daysDon't fall over...details
zeizei67 daysKaipa se kunnossa on, tunnin pystyy hitaasti hölkkäämään.details
silkychrome68 daysThis injury never was terrible but was extremely slow to heal. Probably didn't help much that I didn't cut down my running volume until Week 4. Also didn't help that I re-injured it in a mtb crash Week 6. Ah, well. Now just trying to build up run volume.details
jcreyna68 daysdetails
pwentz3l68 daysI stayed away from flailers on the the soccer field and the holiday break was some needed rest. Back to just aching from being old....details
JanetT68 daysTaking this off my injury list. I can kneel on it without pain/achiness so it must be recovered.details
C269 daysdetails
JanetT69 daysdetails
Tyrannosaurus71 daysNo longer having issues while skiing - sometimes feels a little tweaky, but not bad. I think I just banged the crap out of everything in there. Orthopedic doc suspected a bone bruise (can take up to 3 months to heal).details
Tane72 daysEventually came right...didn't do anything in particular to fix it...details
zeizei73 daysdetails
RosieWatson76 daysDont fall over dramatically on tarmac!details
Brooner77 daysdetails
-78 daysdetails
Ollie81 daysSat it out.details
andyhill83 daysRestdetails
joshblatch86 daysrest, ice, massage of upper legdetails
j-man90 daysAugust 1 is kind of an arbitary end to this, but I might as well draw the line somewhere. I still have a bump on the knee, likely permanent, but I don't have pain or stiffness anymore in the morning, which is a good sign. The true test would be making a long car trip in the back seat.details
ZoeB95 daysdetails
markg103 daysLots of time.details
Forgotten105 daysGrowing pains and working to hard at the time. caused stress on the knee joints and muscles.details
ebone106 daysThis injury lingered for a long time. It probably didn't help to race the Sprint Series Champs on it right after incurring the injury. During November and December, it kept feeling like it had healed, but then it would hurt again while running or walking downhill. The pain on the side of the knee eventually went away and seemed to be replaced with some pain directly under the kneecap. As of the end of the year, it seems to be all but gone, so I'll arbitrarily call that the end date.details
jmnipen111 daysdetails
ptusar115 daysdetails
silje118 daysdetails
PaulT120 daysdetails
Olly123 daysdetails
Hirppa127 daysdetails
RosieWatson132 daysdetails
torbensfunk133 daysdetails
dcreekp133 daysdetails
O-ing134 daysCrash on an already injured knee, so rolling this injury into the first one.details
Melonknee 143 daysdetails
55144 daysHematoma dissolved through a bruise on the outside of my kneecap, and the pain went awaydetails
Chief147 daysCause: over excitement, wrong choice of tire Recovery : awesome patchup in the beginning,Rest obviously, quite a few chiro, physio visits and a lot of stretching. But above all a looooot of swimming! details
nh150 daysdetails
DominicGreen150 daysdetails
dcreekp157 daysdetails
Taco160 daysStrength and rollingdetails
fp161 daysdetails
mishortkut172 daysdetails
TereseO177 daysdetails
slowphil178 daysnow seems as though it's only the right achilles (and briefly the big toe) that is limiting what I can do.details
fp190 daysdetails
John O196 daysdetails
Jagge225 daysdetails
JoshuaDudley225 daysA long recovery but my resolution decision came after competing in the Swedish Champs 2020, a qualifier, middle and long distance proved a tough weekend, with only a tried body, however the knee withheld and recovered well. At the start of the injury I was nieve and less concious about the impact of doing too much too soon, but it is difficult to quantiy what is too much, especially when I didn#t know exactly what problems I had caused to my knee. I began running and jogging approx 1 ...details
Boltboi227 daysShould have taken more time off work after surgery to help reduce the swelling that hung around due to me being on my feet at work to soon. Rehab had limited success due to the severity of the swellingdetails
undy236 daysProbably cleared up a while ago, but until I restarted stretching back and hamstring I had my old knee problem on same knee.details
Russ Baldwin249 daysTimedetails
levitin265 daysHard to know when/if this has subsided. Doesn't affect mobility, function, pain, endurance, or the look/feel/shape of the knee.details
torbensfunk323 daysdetails
Daneo337 daysStepper and angled single-legged squats.details
Nathan346 daysdetails
Duncan377 daysdetails
FRBlackSheep384 daysdetails
Siobhan423 daysI really feel I'm ready to say now that I'm recovered. Pain and weirdness is few and far between, and I know how to manage it. Next time I won't cycle 20km on a potential injury, but all in all I've done a good job of the rehab. I think Squatober helped A LOT.details
Siobhan423 daysI really feel I'm ready to say now that I'm recovered. Pain and weirdness is few and far between, and I know how to manage it. Next time I won't cycle 20km on a potential injury, but all in all I've done a good job of the rehab. I think Squatober helped A LOT.details
JanetT427 daysdetails
Sian485 daysRest - being pregnant!!details
Swisstoph1032 daysHit my right knee on rocks as part of a fall from my Mountain Bike. It healed in time...details
Linas1610 daysdetails
HebeD9+ daysdetails
jane612+ daysdetails
Jan Erik Naess1030+ daysdetails
wil alards1553+ daysdetails
Mini Mus1611+ daysdetails
TeTe2175+ daysdetails
Vettori Walter2438+ daysdetails
Hiroshima2459+ daysdetails
James Waldie2480+ daysdetails
orhantiring2598+ daysdetails
Vettori Walter2830+ daysdetails
Hedis2963+ daysdetails
RyanC3083+ daysdetails
tedwid3195+ daysdetails
simont3322+ daysdetails
JanetT3502+ daysdetails
cosmo3508+ daysdetails
NatalieEB3605+ daysdetails
mklimek3694+ daysdetails
windy1233969+ daysdetails
ev4194+ daysdetails
C-tec4315+ daysdetails
Howl_at_the_Moon4356+ daysdetails
russport4435+ daysdetails
Fraser P4495+ daysdetails
Anne Fluke4559+ daysdetails
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